Smoke Shop Near Me in Montrose

Since 5000 BC, people have been enjoying the experience of smoking. Not only has it been the means of many people for relaxing, but also for building community — and not much has changed. Whether it was part of a shamans holy practice or has been a main event of your daily experience, it is a ritual that continues to be special for many in the Houston area.  

If you are searching for “smoke shop near me” or headshop near me,” you are probably looking for the perfect toke. Whether you want a new pipe or bong or you simply need to stock up on other smoking essentials, with Vitrum Glass Gallery and Smoke Shop, your search is now over.

What Vitrum Can Offer You

If you are in the Houston area, Vitrum Glass Gallery and Smoke Shop has everything you need to start smoking or to enhance your experience. Whether your ideal smoking experience is chilling with your friends and watching plumes of smoke waft lazily away or you like getting your toke on-the-go, we have what you need. We are passionate about smoking and helping others in Houston get an enjoyable experience.

  • Extensive selection of skillfully and artfully crafted glass
  • Vaping accessories
  • Smoking essentials
  • Hookahs
  • CBD
  • And more!

With our extensive inventory and our knowledgable staff, you can always expect to find what you want and get the assistance you need. To learn more about smoking, choosing the perfect bong, smoking basics, how glass pipes are made, and more, stay up-to-date with the Vitrum Glass Gallery & Smoke Shop blog!

Our Glass Gallery

Having the right glass is all part of the experience and with our collection of glass created by master glassblowers from around the world, it is likely that you’ll find your favorite bong, water pipe, bubbler, or hand pipe at our Houston smoke shop. We in Houston all like to enjoy our toke differently — get the perfect color, shape, or size pipe at Vitrum!

Our Smoke Shop

In addition to our stellar glass collection, you can also find all your vaping and smoking essentials at our head shop! We take pride in providing all that you need to have the best experience so you only have to make one stop to get everything you need. From CBD, hookah, paper, incense, and more, our head shop offers it all.

Have Questions?

Wondering about our shop, a specific pipe or product, or have any other questions? Contact us or fill out the form below. Ask us anything — we love talking about smoking, our favorite pipes, the history of smoking, and more!