Ready to Start Smoking?

Essential Jargon That Every Beginner Smoker Needs to Know

Are you considering smoking for the first time? You may have Googled “smoke shops near me,” but haven’t been able to sike yourself up to go. You may feel a little intimidated if you haven’t smoked before or bought your own accessories. It’s totally understandable to feel this way. But, you don’t have to feel nervous. Everyone has to start somewhere and the smoking experts at Vitrum Smoke Shop would love to help you find the smoking accessories that fit your lifestyle. Come into see us at our North Olmsted location and read our blog to get eight essential tips for visiting the smoke shop for the first time.

8 Tips For Visiting a Smoke Shop For the First Time

Going to the smoke shop for the first time can be nerve-wracking, but remember everyone has to start somewhere and your fellow smokers will be happy to welcome you to the experience. To ease your mind and get the most out of your smoke shop experience, do these eight things.  


Getting to know what you like may take some experimentation. However, do your own research to get an idea of what you might prefer. The internet will have a ton of information and opinions and can be a helpful resource. However, the best people to ask are your friends. If you have friends who smoke, ask them what they like, what they have tried, and the quality of their overall experience.

Go With a Friend

If you can, invite a friend to go along! Bring a friend who smokes or another friend who is a beginner as well. Not only will having someone with you calm your nerves, but it can be a fun experience to buy smoking accessories together; an expert smoker can help you navigate the smoke shop with ease and a fellow beginner will make you feel less alone.

Make It an Event

It can be easy to lump the task of shopping at your local head shop as one of the many errands that you have to run, but don’t!. Going to the smoke shop is fun and getting your first smoking accessories is an exciting experience. If a friend goes with you to the smoke shop, invite them over afterward so you can enjoy your smoking experience together.

You Don’t Have to Know It All

It’s easy to feel like you have to pretend you know what you’re doing, but you really don’t. It will actually make our job at the smoke shop easier if we know that you’re a beginner; we can suggest options that work best for those just getting into smoking. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions? We love talking about smoking and helping others get the best experience possible.

Know Your Budget

When you go to the smoke shop, you should know that it may be an investment. Buying a glass pipe, vape, bong, or other similar accessories can cost up to $100 and beyond. However, if you don’t have as big of a budget, that’s okay! We have other options available for you. Don’t be afraid to start small and eventually buy that beautiful $3,000 bong. Don’t feel pressured to buy something out of your price range — we would love to work with your budget!   

Just Start Somewhere

Walking into a smoke shop like Vitrum with a large selection of accessories can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what you want. The best way to approach the process is this:

  • Choose the type of accessory that you want
  • Pick out the pieces that jump out at you first
  • Eliminate the ones outside your budget
  • Then make your choice!

The best advice is to pick one, try it, and see how you like it!

Be Open

It can be easy to think you have to get one certain type of smoking accessory to be “a real smoker,” but be open to picking the best accessory for you and listening to the advice of those at the smoke shop. If you know what you want and know that you like it, by all means, buy that! However, going to the smoke shop with an open mind, especially as a beginner, will give you the best experience.  Enjoy It!

After you pick out your favorite accessory, it’s time to enjoy it! Grab a bag of your favorite munchie snacks and enjoy the experience.

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