Smoking Resolutions 2019 You’ll Want to Make

smoking resolutions

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us at Vitrum Glass Gallery & Smoke Shop! We hope you had a great holiday and are excited for a new year of smoking and enjoying high quality glass. The new year is one of the best times to reflect on what you enjoyed about the previous year and what you would like to be different about the coming year. What kind of New Year’s resolutions are you setting this new year? Is it fitness related? Do you want to finally make the career change, or are you wanting to spend more time in the kitchen? Amidst all your other intentions for the new year, what do you want for your smoking experience?  Now is the time to set your intention for the new year and get the most out of your smoking accessories.

Keep reading to learn about New Year’s resolutions you should set for the upcoming new year, and be sure to stop into one of our three smoke shop locations — North Olmsted, Eastlake, or Deer Park. We would love to help you get the smoking accessories that you need. We offer everything from basic bongs to vaping and other accessories. Not sure what you want? No worries! Simply talk to one of our friendly staff members and they can help you find what you need to give you the smoking experience that you want.

5 Smoking New Year’s Resolutions To Make

Do you want to get more out of your smoking experience, or are you feeling like you need a change? Now is the perfect time to set a new intention. Keep reading to learn more about some of the smoking New Year’s resolutions we’re setting.

Invest in A Piece That Fits Your Style

Smoking isn’t just about what allows you to relax and have an enjoyable experience. It’s also about what you look like doing it! Do you have an old hand pipe that works but just isn’t “you” anymore? Ready to upgrade to a Gandalf-style glass pipe? Or is it more about the color of your pipe — ask anyone who loves their accessories and they will tell you that you need a pipe that fits your overall general vibe. Take a hard look at your pipe collection and ask “do my pipes reflect my style?”

Help A Friend

Perhaps you want to make your New Year’s resolution less about you and more about those that you love. Do you have a friend that has always wanted to get into smoking, but hasn’t taken the plunge yet? The start of a new year could be the perfect time to help a friend get the smoking experience that they’ve always wanted. Though our sales associates can definitely help them find what they need, if they come alone, consider making the trip to your local smoke shop and help them find what they need to get started!  

Get That Smoking Experience You’ve Always Wanted

When you first start smoking, it is easy to just get something that works and gives you that experience that you want. However, since you started smoking, we are sure that your habits or even your desired experience may have changed. Perhaps, it’s time to invest in that colorful hand pipe that you’ve always loved or maybe it’s time to get that bong. What’s your preferred smoking experience? What is your experience lacking now? It’s time to get that toke that you’re looking for!

Make More Time For Relaxed Smoking

Most dedicated smokers don’t have this problem. However, it’s easy to get busy with life and forget about those things that matter most to us. Perhaps it’s time to take a step back from your busy schedule and to make more time for relaxing and enjoying your smoking accessories: take some time for “you,” and enjoy a relaxing afternoon or spend time with those people in your life that matter the most and enjoy a group smoking experience. It’s easy for life to take over — take it back for you!

Try Something New

Have you always had your small hand pipe, but always wanted to try a water pipe or even a bubbler or bong? The New Year’s resolutions are all about trying new things, why not try something new with your smoking experience? Not sure where to go from here? Come into Vitrum and talk to one of our experienced, expert smoking staff members They love helping our customers find the glass piece and accessories that they want.

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