What to Get Your Favorite Smoker This Holiday Season

What to Get Your Favorite Smoker This Holiday Season

Holiday shopping is all fun and games until you have to shop for that one difficult person in your family. Either they have everything they need or what they want is out of your price range. Whatever the reason that you feel stumped this holiday season, Vitrum is here to help with gift ideas for the smoker in your life. Keep reading our blog to learn about what to get your loved one this holiday season and be sure to stop into Vitrum — your one-stop-shop for all the smoking accessories that you need. Stop searching “head shop near me in North Olmsted,” and come shop with us.

5 Gift Ideas For the Smoker in Your Life

It’s time to fill your favorite smoker’s life with a little bit of holiday cheer and relaxation. Read below to learn how to pick out a gift this holiday season. If you still feel a little over your head — don’t worry! The helpful staff at Vitrum is here to help. We are passionate about smoking and getting the perfect toke. Whether you are a smoker yourself or you’re not, we offer kind, knowledgeable assistance. Come into our shop and keep reading to learn about the best gifts you can give your loved one this holiday:  

A Replacement

Has the smoker in your life been using the same pipe or vape for years? Has it become a bit janky or do they seem bored of it? It might be time for a replacement! If your loved one’s pipe has recently broken their bong is missing a part or in need of some serious love, it may be time to help them ditch the old by giving them something new.

An Upgrade

Perhaps your loved one is due for an upgrade. Have they been using the same small bubbler while every time they have visited their local smoke shop, they have looked longingly at that bigger, better bong? Maybe it’s time to play Santa and give them an upgrade. Not sure what they might want? Talk to our staff and we can give you some ideas!

Something New

Is it time for something new? Give your loved one a new smoking experience with a new style of pipe, bubbler, or a chillum. Is your loved one on the go? Give them a piece that can easily take with them. Or is your loved one due for an outrageous pipe that is strictly meant for home use? Get them something new that they can enjoy the rest of the year.

Smoking Essentials

Has your loved one been getting by without a grinder or been meaning to stop by the head shop to pick up some incense? Get your loved one those smoking essentials that every smoking or vaping enthusiast needs. Some of our smaller pipes, incense, or some grinders make great stocking stuffers!

Smoking Care Package

Do you love creating the perfect care package? Make a smoking care package for your loved one this holiday! Include the essentials as well as their favorite munchies and even tried-and-true holiday candies and treats! Have fun with it. Not sure what to get? Just ask us! We won’t know what their favorite munchie snacks are, but we can definitely set you up with the smoking essentials.

Are You Ready to Get Shopping?

We hope we’ve given you some gift ideas for the smoker in your life. Our staff would love to help you find great gift items within your budget. Stop googling “a head shop near me in North Olmsted” and come visit us at Vitrum!