The Masters Behind the Pipe

masters behind the pipe

Vitrum Glass Gallery & Smoke Shop provides beginner and expert smokers in the North Olmsted area pipes and accessories that can help them experience the best that smoking has to offer. We have something for everyone — from large intricate bongs and water pipes to small dry pipes as well as vaping supplies — we have it all. However, we wouldn’t have such an impressive gallery of glass pipes without the masters who create them — glass blowers. Today, on our blog, we will be sharing the love and work that goes into making each glass pipe.

Keep reading to learn more about the process to create a glass pipe, and be sure to stop searching “head shop near me” and come into one of our three locations in the area. We have an extensive glass gallery as well as all the supplies needed for your perfect toke. Come into our smoke shop and get the expert help you need for your experience.

How Are Pipes Made?

In a day and age when mass-manufacturing is the norm, it is easy to forget about the masters that bring us the exquisite glass pieces we have in our homes and shops; each piece is crafted by hand and is an incarnation of the hard work and artistry of the glass blowers who created it. Because beautiful glass pipes are readily available, we don’t get to see the knowledge, experience, and practice that was required to give us even our most basic pieces. Creating a glass piece that is not only functional, but also beautiful, takes years of practice and hours devoted to the mastery of the craft. Today, on the Vitrum Glass Gallery & Smoke Shop, we will explore the labor of love that brings us our favorite glass.

Step 1: Creating the Design

To create a basic dry hand pipe, the artist will take a long tube of glass and divide it into four inch sections. Next, they will decorate it, using a variety of designs. Glass “decorating” techniques include:

  • Fuming
  • Dichro
  • Striping
  • Wrap & Rakes
  • Caning
  • Latticino
  • Latticello
  • Reticello
  • Millefiore
  • Murrine
  • And more

With the use of these techniques, the glass blower can create simple or elaborate designs and details.

Step 2: Shape The Neck

After the artist has decorated the glass, they will begin to shape it. To shape it, they must heat the glass using a special torch; they will begin stretching the neck of the pipe. After the neck has been stretched properly, they will begin to shape the mouthpiece.

Step 3: Add Accents & Grips

Next, the artist will add any decorative accents or grips to the side of the pipe. The accents added are purely for aesthetics. However, grips provide what you would assume — extra grippage for easy handling of the pipe.

Step 4: The Bowl Push

After the accents and grips are applied to the sides of the pipe, the bowl is shaped. To get the perfect shape, the artist will blow into the end of the tube and rotate the pipe-in-progress while it is exposed to heat.

Step 5: Final Bowl Shape & Finishing

Lastly, the artist will flatten the bowl by applying pressure to the piece against a plate. To finish the pipe, the glass blower may break it clean from the handle that they used to create it or they may place it in a kiln to cool. Once cooled, this pipe and others are disturbed to head shops in the area and around the nation!

Stay tuned to learn more about smoking and the accessories we use to get the perfect toke. If you are looking for beautifully crafted glass, shop Vitrum Glass Gallery and Smoke Shop. We are a headshop dedicated to providing beginner and experienced smokers in the North Olmsted area. You can also check out our selection of beautifully crafted bongs and pipes online — stop searching “head shop near me” and get everything you need at Vitrum!