Essential Jargon That Every Beginner Smoker Needs to Know

Ready to Start Smoking__

If you are a beginner smoker, you may feel a little lost when listening to your friends talk about their smoking accessories and their experiences. You may feel like your mind is spinning as they talk about their new “piece” and ask you if you want to “smoke a bowl.” You might be embarrassed or afraid of looking uncool by asking what these terms mean. The smoking experts at Vitrum Smoke Shop have your back! Today on our blog, we are going to share some of the most important terms to know as a beginner smoker.

Smoking 101: The Basics

Before we start talking about some of the most popular smoking accessories, there are a few other basic terms that every novice smoker needs to know.

Smoke Shop

A smoke shop is a place that retails smoking accessories and equipment for smoking tobacco. A smoke shop may also be referred to as a “head shop.”


A piece is a slang term that refers to any smoking device including a pipe, bong, hand pipe, and a water pipe.


A bowl is the part of a pipe, bong, or other glass accessory where you place dry tobacco.


A grinder is used to break up tobacco so it can be packed into a bowl or rolled in paper. A grinder allows you to get a better smoke and can be made of wood, steel, or plastic.

Smoke Accessories 101

There are many ways to enjoy smoking. When you come into our smoke shop in Eastlake, you can expect to find these basic smoking accessories.

Water Pipe

A water pipe is an umbrella term for pipes made out of glass that include a percolator and uses water. Pieces such as a bong or bubbler are considered water pipes.


A bong, a large water pipe, is a popular way to get a heightened experience. Unlike a bubbler or traditional pipe in which your lips go over the mouthpiece, when you use a bong, your lips go inside it.  

Mini Tube

A mini-tube is a miniature bong.


A bubbler is a small water pipe that uses water to cool the smoke before inhalation. A downstream is used to lead the smoke to the water for cooling.

Hand Pipe

A hand pipe is a small glass pipe that is small enough to fit in your hand. Most hand pipes do not use water filtration.

Dry Piece

A dry piece is any smoking device that doesn’t use water filtration. Dry pieces include a sidecar, sherlock, hammer, spoon, steamroller, and chillum.

Spoon Pipe

A spoon pipe is usually a hand pipe that is shaped like a spoon. Many spoon pipes are made out of glass.

Hammer Pipe

A hammer pipe is exactly what you would think it is: it is a pipe that is hammer-shaped.

Glass Blunt

A straight glass pipe that has a second tube that functions as the mouthpiece.


A chillum is a dry pipe that gives the experience of a rolled substance without the flavors of tobacco paper.

Rolling Paper

Rolling paper is made from “rag fibers” and is used as a place to put the tobacco before rolling them into tobacco paper or papers.


Re-rolled papers in the shape of a cone. To use, simply grind the tobacco and place in the cone.


A vaporizer or vape is a popular means of smoking and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This device vaporizes concentrates or dry tobacco to create the smoking experience versus combustion.

Oil Pen

An oil pen is a type of vaporizer that is pen-shaped and vaporizes oil.


A banger is a device used for dabbing and smoking anything from tobacco and essential oils.

Ready to Find the Perfect Piece?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t be frustrated! Knowing the basics of smoking shows you all the ways that you can enjoy the experience. If you are ready to find a piece that gives you the heightened experience that you crave, don’t search “smoke shop near me.” Come into Vitrum’s smoke shop in Eastlake! We offer pipes, grinders, papers, incense, e-liquid, vape, tobacco, and more! We love helping beginner and veteran smokers find what they need.

Feeling apprehensive about coming into our smoke shop for the first time? There is no need to be intimidated! Read our last blog “Ready to Start Smoking?” and come into our smoke shop!