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About Us

What’s your choice when it comes to smoking? For some of us, paradise is found on a porch as we watch plumes of smoke from our favorite pipe lazily float into the air. For others, it’s the knowledge that you have plenty of your favorite e-liquid and time to enjoy it. We all have different places and ways we enjoy getting our smoke on, but there’s one thing we smokers all have in common — the desire for a good smoke shop.

Searching For a “Smoke Shop Near Me”

Since 2017, Vitrum Glass Gallery and Smoke Shop has been dedicated to delivering superior products and services, and making a good smoking experience great. It begins with a wide variety of quality pipes, tobaccos, e-liquids, and vaping accessories. We’re proud to partner with a number of talented glass artisans to deliver creations that are unique and eye-catching. Add to that customer service that’s knowledgeable and attentive — our team is always happy to make recommendations, answer questions, and fix problems cheerfully and promptly.

When you buy from our head shop, you can expect high-quality glass and smoking accessories, and a staff who is committed to helping you find the perfect vape or smoking experience. It’s just that simple. For more information, contact us online or by phone today.

Why Shop At Vitrum?

When you’re searching “head shop near me,” you are looking for several things: convenience, selection, helpful staff, and passion — passion for the experience, the art, and the community of smoking.

As we already mentioned, we at Vitrum can offer everything that you need to have a great smoking experience because we are passionate about what we do and what we have to offer, and we are ourselves are smokers.  

Come into one of our two local Ohio locations in North Olmsted and Eastlake, or stop into our Deer Park smoke shop in Texas!

Want to Learn More?

Want to learn more about smoking, how to gift the perfect vaping or smoking accessory, or the history of the bong? Read the Vitrum Glass Gallery & Smoke Shop blog!